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Your company has to be taken care of... But if you don't have nothing to sell, there is no company. Avoid agreement breaches by: Recognizing Errors Feedback Insights Minimizing Risks Your target audience sees fear and escapes. Solve it today. Easy. It would take no-time! Trust! Establish a branding that will make your business: Recognized Professional Remembered From here on, your value offer has to be adapted. And you will have the same results as us, We launch products and win massively in...
The Inbox: Self-Sabotage Is Making You Lose Money In Bulk - Boost Manifesto The Agency

Self-Sabotage Syndrome Eats Money

"594.000.000 entrepeneurs face the market every week" The 10% of the worldwide population feels invencible in life, Yet only 62.400.000 are millionaires. Count us in that little number. This is the truth: 62.400.000 > 594.000.000 To become a visionary is the first step, to plan an idea is cool. And only a few are able to actually improve their lives. The rest are left with massive regret for: Being Slave To Their Business Losing Friends For Hyper Focus Break Families For Lack Of Blind Trust...

Key Factors To Leverage Negotiations

"Become "The Authority" incarnated" Everyone wants to be “The Man”, Or “The Woman”. Yet, only a few make it. Sharing results builds undeniable authority! Build a business based on proven systems, let's get to that. (In this blog you will learn how to make your target audience trust your offer. If you leave, Mr. Impostor will take over again) Were you hooked by a social media growth guru on that can build you a business ? We have seen that they fake it all for quick money. Continue reading and...

Why Most Creators Can't Commit

You should not have heard only to the first person that reached out. You got caught listening to the advice of The Brokest Guru. Talent does not qualify them to give financial or growth advice. You will end up “making friends” with rent-free kids. And your partner will realize that is living with the next broke influencer from X. A brand with a million views can still go bankrupt and dissapear. If systems are not installed to sustain the life of a business, The destination is clear, the worst...

Stop VICTIMizing Yourself To Cash-In

Dopamine hits differently when you land clients... Than when you are ghosted for the 10th time, right? You gave up your value offer for free and probably will do it again. And again... And again. Until you lose all resources, ideas & energy to end up burned out. All your potential clients will put you in SPAM folders. Take control instead of getting the worst syndrome: Victim Mentality Internalized Negativity Chronic Complaining Toxic Relationships Inaction Martyrdom Your partner will call us...

The True Usage Of A Money Funnel

Harder than being blamed is not understanding it..... When new entrepreneurs start a journey Money is the purpose of its began, But that's a motivation trigger. Experienced entrepreneurs instead, Understand a need and craft a brand. That brand has a purpose, it is to solve any problem. When you started your journey as an entrepreneur, It was not vain metrics what motivated you. It was something greater... Your purpose. The space is getting saturated every single day. Hard work will always...