Why Most Creators Can't Commit

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

You should not have heard that advice.

You got caught listening to the advice of The Brokest Guru.

Talent does not qualify them to give financial or growth advice.

You will end up “making friends” with rent-free kids.

And your partner will realize that is living with the next broke influencer from X.

A brand with a million views can still go bankrupt and dissapear.

If systems are not installed to sustain the life of a business,

The destination is clear, the worst outcome.

Cold outreach is being overlooked.

Imagine how terrified they are to cold call...

When that’s how we all made it to the top, sniping the ICP.

Convert your personal value into a value offer and monetize it.

  1. Audience
  2. Message
  3. Funnel
  4. Offer

With the right competitive advantage your brand will blow up.

It’s just how Carlos grew to 4.000 followers within 90 days and closed a €100.000 contract with only 1 client.
Or how Vansh built a business that makes €10.000+ every month and reached 2.000 followers in only 90 days.
Isaac got 200 followers and went viral for the first time all in 1 day.
Soto increased his stats over 100% in only 1 day and over +250% after 3 days.

We have grown 150 followers in 1 day for:

  • Dave
  • Aryan
  • Mr. Writer

These succesful stories continue without:

  • Giveaways
  • Pleasing People
  • Engaging 24 Hours
  • Posting 10 Times A Day

POV, they all followed our methodology:

The Basic Growth Pilar Included In The 5 Levels Strategy

(Grow your following to acquire the authority of a trustworthy account)

We have a gift for you, we will tell you how to get 100 loyal followers.

Remember that they will help you to grow your brand.

If you pitch anything to them, they will disappear!

You know,

Vansh reached €10000 a month without:

  • Giveaways
  • Free Efforts

Basically he never had to please anyone.

And you should not do it too.

To blow up your accounts follow these 3 bulletproof steps:

  • Stay Close To Your Competition

1) Find your competitor circles gathered in "communities", get to know their language and familiarize with the space.

2) Add them all to lists if you are in X or put their handles in any Notes App to track them for the next step.

  • Force Getting Discovered ASAP

Get noticed in the market by interacting with your competitors.

1) Like

2) Follow

2) Repost

3) Comment

Do these for a week to finally establish a connection with them.

Reminder: If you try to sell them they will laugh at you, they are your competition.
  • Beat Them At Their Own Game

Now that you opened the doors in the market,

Let your personality shine through it FAST.

Develop a brand voice and stick to it.

~ Don't let rent-free kids do it faster

Speed is key, so is authenticity!

1) Prepare A DM sequence.

2) Send Messages To All.

3) Let Your Stats Grow.

4) Exchange Value.

5) Get Followed.

Use these strategies and smash every goal to move on to monetization rightfully.

Apply our knowledge right to make your account look professional.

Rushed movements are seen in scammers and that's pressure.

Pressure that you don't need in your life.

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A nice welcome email, right?

Get an audience to start generating leads.

And introduce them to your email marketing.

Can you handle the pressure of success?

Be ready.

We are humans and that includes:

  • Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Relations

To balance life and business is hard.

Your family deserves to spend time with you.

Will you miss their youth while you are still healthy ?

The Broke Influencer Syndrome can be erased from your lifestyle.

Accept help from professionals and escape the rat race today.

Or keep eating someone else’s cheese.

Will constant dopamine hits provide for an entire family?

Commit to yourself and raise the lever.

Let's connect soon, we can learn lots from each other and explore business opportunities.
Escape The Rat Race Today Or Keep Eating Someone Else's Cheese

It Only Gets Better From Here!

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