Stop VICTIMizing Yourself To Cash-In

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

Dopamine hits differently when you land clients...

Than when you are ghosted for the 10th time, right?

You gave up your value offer for free and probably will do it again.

And again...

And again.

Until you lose all resources, ideas & energy to end up burned out.

All your potential clients will put you in SPAM folders.

Take control instead of getting the worst syndrome:

  • Victim Mentality
  • Internalized Negativity
  • Chronic Complaining
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Inaction
  • Martyrdom

Your partner will call us to say:

"Thanks for providing this info."


Take a moment to step back and breathe in deep.

It is not your fault.

It is from who taught you how to build a business.

Is it not annoying that teenagers are earning more than you without:

  • Responsibilities
  • Diplomas
  • Goals
  • Life

To motivate you more we will tell you a fact, they are living rent-free.

We have made many clients win already,

And they share a particular pain point.

Their offers would not be accepted,

Not even for a 99% discount.

We were there...

10 years ago.

Plot Twist,

(Stop reading right now if you enjoy being the victim in b...lame instead of getting 10 years ahead in life)

After teaching clients our 5 Level Strategy,

They ask us to take over their businesses to manage:

  • Business Planning
  • Operations
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

We are almost at full capacity, yes, even to take calls.

We mean it.

  • Client Closed In March 2023 For 57 Products
  • Client Paid In February 2024
Check if you are a good fit for the 5-Level Strategy by booking a 15-minute free clarity call

Say you have an offer.

And you want to sell it for $$$$...$.

In other words, you want to transition to a High-Ticket Offer, right?

The mission is to make a brand that generates minimum $2.000 within 30 days.

Now imagine that you have the certainty that every step you take, will be a successful one.

You would just do everything without asking. That's our deal, we guarantee results. We are not joking.

That’s why over +900 people (and counting) grow and feel safe in our communities
Gain undeniable confidence by trusting professional advice


Kids that did not finish school are making more money than you...

How will you feel if instead of taking action,

You decided to:

  • Victimize Yourself
  • Waste Money
  • Procrastinate
  • Gain Weight
  • Follow Kids
  • Overthink

We have an alternative in this email.

We will get to it,


We used three steps from The Growth Pillar of the First Level of our 5-Level Strategy
It is not a coincidence that we never fail, not even starting a new account like BMU

That's why we are almost at full capacity with our agency,

Clients become obsessed with our product offer.

We have built an irresistible brand, do it too.

Here are 3 steps to become irresistible:

  1. Optimize your account
  2. Find Your Target Audience
  3. Appeal To Your Audience With Authentic Outreach

Do these tips seem familiar to you?

Of course, because everybody spams them.

They are a mere 10% of what we do everyday.

We are driven by the purpose of monetizing ASAP.

We are professionals.

We created the 5 Level Strategy:

1.Go Viral



1.Lead Generation

1.Communicate Your Offer

We are experts at applying it.

All are number 1 due to synergy.

Without one, the others don’t work.

If you have a tight schedule we created a mega-bundle for entrepeneurs

10 years of experience is not free value to post on Twitter and get likes.

In our eBooks you have most of the knowledge you need to know.

Just look at the ratings we acquired by providing results.

Use the Code TheInbox to get a 20% discount.

All of our clients get a Gift:

The Brand Mega-Bundle.

Go and get it here:

Take advantage of the promocode "TheInbox" or buy it later for $497

It is important to say that it does not matter if you have a personal or business brand.

The 5 Levels Strategy is a bulletproof system that works for any PURPOSE.

For example, ours is to make education accessible for everyone.

The magic happens when an average offer becomes, you know.

An irresistible offer, we have done it for many brands and yes,

We have applied it for our own businesses and feel confident.

Confident to guarantee the resuls, you saw the proof of work.

Discover if you are a great fit for The 5 Levels Strategy

It Only Gets Better From Here!

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