Key Factors To Leverage Negotiations

Published 2 months ago • 4 min read

"Become "The Authority" incarnated"

Everyone wants to be “The Man”,

Or “The Woman”.

Yet, only a few make it.

Sharing results builds undeniable authority!

Build a business based on proven systems, let's get to that.

(Now, you will learn how to make your target audience trust your offer. If you leave, Mr. Impostor will take over again)

Were you hooked by a business guru ?

We have seen that they fake it all.

Continue reading and find it,

Use our proven methods.

It’s just how Carlos built a business that was able to close a contract for €100.000
  • Our Own Product Launch Was Succesfully Executed In March 2023
  • Client Paid In February 2024 As Planned

Through the completion of business missions, massive revenues arise.

When you have the knowledge, it's like knowing the future.

Every step is meant to be successful, that's knowledge.

And we can tell from years of many trials & errors,

That without leverage, you can't negotiate.

You must acquire that to begin with.

Let's use the 2nd pillar of growth.

From The 5 Levels Strategy.

It works on any platform.

In every single niche.

Yes, guaranteed.

It’s just how we resurrect accounts to start going viral everyday with small efforts.

From 1000 dead followers, now we have an account with:

  • Trust
  • Brand Voice
  • Loyal Audience
  • And much more...

The First Level Of The 5 Levels Strategy


  1. Engagement
  2. Content Mgmt


  1. Overthinking
  2. Procrastination


  1. The Authority
  2. Branded Voice

Now that the plan is clear, let's execute.

  1. Post Tutorial Based Content
  • Experience based moral lessons
  • Listings
  • Statements
  • Visual Guides
  • And many more...

Help people to get results by just looking at your content,

If they can't execute right away, change it now.

For example, if you are good at poetry,

And are a digital writer...

Help your audience to learn your style.

Your competition will be watching you carefully.

(Why keep your competition close?)

Show off fearlessly. Don’t care about negativity.

What seems as a harmful outcome today,

Will convert to Authority tomorrow.

Be logical, build in public.

  1. Demonstrate Your Personal Social Proof

What value have you acquired from personal wins?

Have you grown a faceless account?

Did you find business hacks?

Let's connect soon, we can learn lots from each other and explore business opportunities.

Show people how they can relate to you by sharing business goals & accomplishments.

Once people see you frequently sharing how you complete boss missions,

Those who align with your purpose will view you as a role model.

You finally acquire that essential and invaluable leverage.

From there on, you are an authority in their mind.

Don't lose momentum or you will be forgotten.

  1. Share Your Client Testimonials

Have you seen jobs that require +3 years of experience to just apply?

Online employers are not different.

At the beginning of your journey you may not have enough leverage.

But that’s extremely easy to build.

Let's think that you are a marketer specialized in Copywriting for now.

(Reminder: This is part of the 2nd pillar of the 5 level strategy)

Let's Go

Visit 5 different landing pages from profiles that fit your ICP

Do you know how to find your ICP ?

Find a section of the page that you can fix and copy-write it.

Send it over as a cold outreach message telling them:

  • Hey here's a remake of your landing page! If you use it, I only request a testimonial review for it to be yours.
  • Hello! I've redesigned your landing page. If you adopt it I don't request else than a testimonial review.
  • Yo Yo I added some extra spice to your landing page. If you want to implement it, I only ask for a testimonial.

This genuine interaction will lead them to indirectly test your product.

This way you can get professional reviews instead of random ones.

What happens to the results they obtain?

If they decline to use your services, you must improve your skills.

Get them results to transition from support to negotiation.

Before this moment the balance would be negative,

You would not be able to ask for your real price.

📢 Let's Get That MONEY!

  1. Case Studies

If you have done true work,

Open wallets in auto-pilot.

Every coach is hiding this!

The Inbound Leads sauce,

Let's unveil the truth now.

In your landing page, say that you offer a case study about:

  • How you increased the revenue of a client in only X days.
  • How you increased the views on X creator channel within Y days.
  • How you built authentic branding for X brand from scratch within Y days.

You can use:

  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Doc Sheets

If a lead reaches out to you, it becomes an Inbound Lead.

This is the ultimate social proof.

Do you know how to make Case Studies ?

Build a foundation of trust that can help you to sell anything at any price.

Your product offers will sell again and again and again...

Only if you are an authority in your niche.

That's the only way to reach freedom.

  • Vansh was able to quit his Digital Strategist 9-6.
  • Carlos teaches how he is able to close B2B deals.

The wins are more than just remote work:

  • Never Use Alarms Again
  • Stop Looking At Price Tags
  • Spend Time With Your Family
  • Make Your Dream Plans Achievable
  • And Many More That You Can Discover

We are business owners that work from anywhere.

We are up to share our learnings and learn new things from you, let's inspire each other.
Escape The Rat Race Today Or Keep Eating Someone Else's Cheese

It Only Gets Better From Here!

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